Achieving financial peace of mind requires a clear vision. 

Our goal is to ensure all aspects of your financial life are working in harmony so you can confidently navigate your unique retirement journey.


We help you create a strategy to make your retirement dreams a reality.

Owning investments does not mean you have a financial plan. 

Proper planning provides you a map to not only help you reach your destination safely but also maximize your experiences and memories along the way. When we build a financial plan for our clients, we follow six distinct steps in sequential order. 

Step 1: Maximize Income

We must determine your guaranteed and dependable sources of income to create a strategy to squeeze every potential dollar out for your benefit.

Step 2: Establish Expenses

Once we maximize your monthly income, we’ll compare that to your mandatory and luxury living expenses to calculate if there is a shortfall. 

Step 3: Invest Intentionally

We must first design our investments to cover any income shortfall while maintaining a healthy balance of protection, liquidity, and growth.

Step 4: Protect Lifestyle

You’ve worked hard to create your lifestyle, which is why you should take appropriate measures to protect it with legal documents and insurance.

Step 5: Reduce Taxes

With your lifestyle cash flow managed and protected, we’ll search for potential opportunities to prevent rising taxes from eroding your wealth.

Step 6: Address Healthcare

The costs of healthcare are rising and will be part of your life both pre-retirement and post-retirement. We’ll plan for and address these costs.

Spend more time enjoying life and less time worrying about money.

Our modern approach to financial planning helps you quickly absorb important information.


Phibbs Financial is proudly family-owned and operated.

And that’s why we’re small enough to listen but large enough to deliver.

I never want to lose sight of how lucky I am to do what I love each and every day. I know if I do my job correctly and ethically, then I can sleep peacefully knowing I’ve made a profound and positive impact on the families I’m fortunate to serve. Each day, I want to leave behind a legacy my children can be proud of knowing one day they’ll be able to say: “Look at all the people Dad helped.”


We strive to delight. 

Our company-wide mission is to impact and improve the lives of our clients with above-and-beyond customer service and communication.

Our job is to help you get more life out of your money. One of the most effective ways we can accomplish this is by providing timely updates. We’ve designed our outreach in a format that is easy to digest so you can focus on what really matters.


Fiduciary Support
  • Unlimited phone calls, emails, text, remote and in-person consultation time. You are never on the clock.
  • Access to a beautiful web-based desktop portal or native iOS and Android mobile apps to stay connected and up-to-date.
  • Entitled to Altruist's Asset Protection Guarantee that bolsters the same insurance coverage and compliance procedures of Charles Schwab and Fidelity.


Proactive Updates
  • Two "Monthly Huddle" videos designed to keep you current with the economy, markets, and financial/social matters.
  • Active monitoring of your plan to make sure everything is relevant and up to date. If we find opportunities, gaps, or pitfalls, we take proactive steps to change it.
  • Retirement contribution and distribution management.
  • Exclusive client-only investment commentary.


Continued Planning
  • Annual meetings to review progress and make changes, if necessary.
  • Tax planning and tax return review.
  • Insurance, healthcare, and estate planning evaluation.
  • Access to educational workshops hosted by Phibbs Financial.
  • Invitations to loyalty programs that feature family-friendly activites.


Questions we’re often asked.


What our clients have to say:

“…taken my wealth management to the next level. I now have confidence in my plan.”

“Even with a financial background, Phibbs Financial has taken my wealth management to the next level. I now have confidence in my plan and know I’ll be ready to enjoy my retirement.”


“Trevor’s knowledge and assurance has made my choice very comforting.”

“After meeting with Trevor, my mind is at ease. Trevor’s knowledge and assurance of making sure that I can retire with the same lifestyle I have today has made my choice very comforting.”


“He is very responsive when I have a question. I am confident my portfolio is in good hands.”

“Trevor has been my financial advisor for many years and I have referred multiple friends and family members to him. He is always very responsive when I have a question and I am confident that my investment portfolio is in good hands.”


“He is patient with answering all of my questions and explaining terms and processes.”

“Trevor has been amazing to work with. You can tell he is passionate about what he does and wanting you to succeed financially. He is patient with answering all of my questions and explaining terms and processes I am unfamiliar with. I recommend Trevor and Phibbs Financial 10/10!”


Enhance or clarify your knowledge about Social Security. 

How do you know which filing decisions are right for you? It starts with understanding the fundamentals of Social Security and how it plays a role in your retirement.

We’ll take a look at seven commonly held beliefs about Social Security and separate fact from fiction so you can put yourself back in control and make informed decisions for your retirement.

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