Objective and comprehensive advice designed to maximize your return on life. 

We review and prioritize which aspects of your financial situation need attention first and then formulate and propose optimal planning strategies. 

This multi-layered process is designed to help build a better plan, better life, and increased peace of mind for our clients. Whether providing you advice regarding investments, taxes, insurance, retirement income, estate preservation, or philanthropy, we can help you move closer to financial independence. 



We provide you with a clear and inviting path for retirement.

We strive to provide a frictionless process to creating financial independence by addressing the most important needs first rather than overwhelming our clients with a long list of tasks. This allows our clients to gain a better understanding not only of what actions they should be taking immediately but also of the goals they are working toward in the long term.

The top priority in retirement is to convert yesterday’s savings into tomorrow’s paycheck. 

Maximizing your Social Security benefits is paramount because it is a permanent one-time decision that can have a profound impact on your financial goals. We then design an income strategy that involves reviewing savings, income sources, immediate and future cash flows, and optimizing distributions from your investment portfolio.

Understanding the consistency of your expenses creates confidence in maintaining your lifestyle. 

We find most people are hesitant to spend and truly enjoy their life’s work in retirement because the paychecks have stopped. It feels foreign to start spending rather than saving. Part of our process helps establish how much you can spend without ever worrying about running out of money.

We all have different purposes for investing, but ultimately we all covet protection, liquidity, and growth. We help you find the balance.

A sound investment strategy assures you make sufficient returns to meet your goals while not taking excessive risk that can create needless anxiety. Specifically, a well-executed investment strategy reviews the appropriate amount of risk, building an optimal allocation customized to your individual situation, mitigates taxes, and understands overall costs.

Planning is a process. Life happens. We need to be prepared for the unexpected.

If you don’t have appropriate insurance coverage, you can expose the people and things you hold important to potential financial dangers. Additionally, if you die without an estate plan, your family may end up paying needless tax and legal bills, while your estate becomes a matter of public record. 

Tax planning is different than tax preparation. 

Tax planning involves working to proactively search for strategies designed to minimize current and future tax liabilities, whereas tax preparation is the act of recording what has already occurred. We help with tax planning by optimizing your tax situation to assure you are not paying more taxes than you are legally required to pay.

If not properly planned for, unexpected healthcare expenses can quickly erode your retirement savings. 

There are three life periods of healthcare: pre-age 65, Medicare, and long-term care. Each period has its own unique set of characteristics, costs, and challenges. We conduct a review of your current healthcare situation and potential future needs, and then develop a plan to help you prepare for medical expenses depending on your specific situation and needs.


We stick to the fundamentals. 

Our investment philosophy is designed to reduce risk, improve returns, and hedge inflation. 

Although investing for the long term and diversification aren’t as exciting as stock picking and day trading, they are the cornerstones to our investment approach. We understand the importance of assigning marching orders to your investments to provide protection, liquidity, and growth. We accomplish this by investing in a blend of four asset classes.

Low-Cost Equities

The market is incredibly efficient, so why pay extra to attempt to beat it? The only thing guaranteed with investing in the market is you will keep more if you pay less.


Invest in tangible assets that possess a real-world need regardless of the current financial, economic, or political landscape to create a natural hedge against inflation. 

Protected Principal

Rather than fixed income (bonds), we invest in guaranteed income or guaranteed protection to prevent negative returns on money needed to live on.

Cash Equivalents 

Having an appropriate amount of cash to fund emergencies is paramount. This prevents you from selling your holdings for unexpected costs when the market is down.

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