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Many retirees ultimately squander their only nonrenewable asset — their time — because they are too concerned about jeopardizing their retirement from spending their hard-earned money. We help our clients break free from financial prison by providing solutions to everyday worries, many of which might resonate with you:

  • You think you’ve done a great job saving and preparing for retirement, but how do you know how much money you can safely spend each month without running out of money?
  • You’re apprehensive about taking too much risk with your investments. You understand you need to protect your money, but you also realize a dollar today is not worth a dollar tomorrow. So how do you balance risk and reward with your assets?
  • You’ve saved diligently, but unintentionally created a tax tornado in your accounts. You’re wondering how you can minimize your tax exposure when you use it or pass it on to your loved ones. 
  • It’s important to you to gift assets to your children, loved ones, and charity. How do you do that in the most efficient way, and realistically how much can you afford to gift?
  • You have multiple accounts, Social Security, and if you’re lucky a pension. How do you combine them together to create a reliable and consistent income distribution to fund your lifestyle?
  • How do you maximize your Social Security payout? When should you file for Social Security? How do you keep Medicare costs lower and plan for long-term care?
  • When your time comes, how do you ensure your family is protected and your legacy remains intact?

Spend more time enjoying life and less time worrying about money. 

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Income Planning

Our goal is to help ensure your expenses are paid with reliability and predictability for the rest of your life. We will help you develop an income plan that alleviates the stress of running out of money.

We provide:

  • Income & Expense Analysis
  • Social Security Maximization
  • Inflation Plan
  • Spousal Plan
  • Longevity Protection

Investment Planning

Once your income is established, we will create an investment plan with the remaining assets that you do not need to draw from month-to-month to live on.

We provide:

  • Assessing your risk tolerance and risk capacity
  • Adjusting your portfolio to reduce fees
  • Volatility control
  • Evaluating ways to reduce risk while still working toward your goals 
  • Comprehensive institutional money management 

Tax Planning

Our objective is to optimize your tax planning so when you pay Uncle Sam, you don't leave him an unnecessary tip on top of it.

We provide:

  • Assessing the taxable nature of your current holdings
  • Finding ways to include tax-deferred or tax-free money in your plan
  • Determining which tax category to draw income from first to potentially reduce taxes
  • Discussing ways to leverage your qualified money to leave tax-free dollars to your beneficiaries

Healthcare Planning

We will create a plan to help you address rising healthcare costs. This is one of the most overlooked areas in many retirement plans.

We provide:

  • Looking at all aspects of Medicare, Parts A, B and D
  • Analyzing options for long-term care
  • Determining life insurance needs

Legacy Planning

It is important to ensure your hard-earned assets go to your beneficiaries in the most tax-efficient manner. By working collaboratively with a qualified estate planning attorney, our goal will be to help you make sure your wishes are followed.

We provide:

  • Maximize your estate and income tax planning opportunities 
  • Protect your wishes with a will, financial power of attorney, and healthcare directive
  • Shield any assets in trust and ensure they are distributed to your beneficiaries probate-free
  • Prevent your IRA and qualified accounts from becoming fully taxable to your beneficiaries upon your death

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