Driven by our values and vision.

Our mission is to improve and impact the lives of our clients so they can maximize experiences and memories in retirement. This cannot be accomplished if we did not adhere to our own personal and business visions and values. 

Do Right. 

  • Adhere to the fiduciary standard at all times. 
  • People before profits. 
  • Continuously practice servant leadership for our clients. 
  • Engage in truthful and transparent communication. 

Raise the Standard.

  • Execute daily activities with a burning desire for greatness.
  • Regularly examine efficiencies and effectiveness.
  • Approach every conversation with energy and passion.  
  • Provide fast and accurate service. 

Unwavering Principles

  • Reputations take years to build but can be destroyed in an instant. Never comprise how we conduct ourselves. 
  • Never deviate from our philosophy of investing in a simple but sophisticated and disciplined approach.

Value Relationships. 

  • Remain a boutique advisory firm to provide personalized attention to our clients. 
  • Champion our clients and celebrate their accomplishments. 
  • Be genuine, curious, and compassionate.

Pioneering a different wealth management experience. 

Phibbs Financial was founded with an aspiration of creating meaningful relationships by providing important and significant financial advice. 

It is essential that we refuse to engage in activities that act contrary to this framework. This means we will not be associated with marketing ploys — such as “fee only” or “safe money” — that act as a barrier to healthy and holistic financial advice. While new client engagement is important for sustainability, serving our current clients who entrusted us to guide them on their retirement journey must be our top priority. We believe if we approach business authentically, wrinkles and all, we can create an atmosphere of open dialogue that ultimately produces quality outcomes for everyone involved.  

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